Our Story

Inhale Calm, Exhale Worries. 
Make room in your mind for what matters in your life. - Jane Tan


What is RÓA?

RÓA™️ (pronounced as “row-uh”) is Icelandic and it means Calm. We have always been drawn to the idea of creating something that can bring a moment of calmness and pleasure to someone. It’s the same feeling when you are winding down at the end of the day, enjoying the stillness of the evening/night relaxing with a good book or drink.

The Belief.

When the Midnight™️ Cake was created, it was a pure passion project by our Chief Artisan Jane Tan. She wanted to create a beautiful and delicious cake that her god-daughter, Emma could enjoy.

Being allergic to eggs, peanuts and dairy and also intolerant to gluten from a very young age, it was tough to find a delicious cake every year for her birthday.

A foodie trip to New York and Dallas brought a lot of awareness to Jane in terms of quality organic and vegan ingredients. She was convinced that using vegan friendly ingredients was the way to go for better health and the environment.

After 9 months of R&D, the Midnight™️ Cake was finally born. The joy to hear and see young children and people like Emma able to indulge in dessert was simply amazing.

Yes, the belief that dietary restrictions should not be a reason to miss out on delicious treats is what holds true for RÓA™️.