At RÓA, we're all about being inclusive and the belief that dietary restrictions should not be a reason to miss out on delicious treats holds true for us. Hence practically anyone can enjoy RÓA! 

Whether you are looking for:
- Allergen Friendly Dessert Catering for Kids
- A perfect Corporate/Bulk Gift for everyone to enjoy
- New additions for your Corporate Pantry
- Wholesale
- or you would like to Collaborate with us

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Allergen Friendly Dessert Catering for Kids

From the roots of how RÓA was started, we understand the trouble and pains it takes to find a delicious allergen-friendly cake that does not get prejudiced yet full of love. So it is our passion to offer the best experience to children's party not only for the children but also the parent organising it! The kids get to enjoy these delicious RÓA treats while parents get a peace of mind knowing that RÓA's treats are made without the use of dairy, eggs, nuts, gluten or soy - practically anyone can enjoy it!

Whatsapp our Cake Concierge at 8790 4780 or to enquire!

Corporate/Bulk Gifting

If you're looking for a gift that needs to check the boxes for delicious, inclusive (for everyone to enjoy), sustainable, beautiful, you are at the right place. RÓA desserts ticks all the boxes and more! We are able to do customisation with your brand logo and add a customised message for a personal touch. 

Whatsapp our Cake Concierge at 8790 4780 or to enquire!

Corporate Pantry

We love the idea that corporates and schools are looking to be more sustainable and inclusive, and RÓA desserts will definitely fit right in. Not only are the treats lower in carbon footprint, they are free from dairy, eggs, nuts, gluten and soy, which means anybody can enjoy! To add, they are crazy decadent and delicious! Whether you are a  hotel/school/office, we would love to understand your needs and bring your corporate pantry to the next level.

Whatsapp our Cake Concierge at 8790 4780 or to enquire!


With the changing needs of consumers in a more health and environmental conscious world, we understand that cafes and restaurants looking to find easy and delicious options to add to their menu may be difficult. We would love to help solve some of your problems by offering our delicious treats to your customers! Not only are they allergen-friendly, they are absolutely delicious and easy to pepare! A wait staff can manage! Do get in touch with us and we are happy to send you samples and our wholesale rates and discuss partnership opportunities.

Please find the list of restaurants we currently work with here and a list of our partners here.

Whatsapp our Cake Concierge at 8790 4780 or to enquire!


Our team at RÓA loves working with partners who are aligned with our brand values so reach out to us and we will get in touch!

Whatsapp our Cake Concierge at 8790 4780 or to enquire!

Partners and Clients